How to Get a Title Loan in Wisconsin When Unemployed

Unemployment is a circumstance that can seriously affect your life. Whether you have found yourself out of a job for a long time in Wisconsin or you have recently become unemployed, you may have other adverse financial situations affecting you as well. As a result, you’ve found yourself in need of a title loan.

However, you are concerned about applying for a title loan when you are also unemployed. Keeping some tips in mind can help you to secure the funds that you need.

Maintain Your Credit Scores

Title loan providers will run a credit check on you. Even though you are unemployed, do your best to keep your credit situation in good standing. Having bad credit will not hurt your chances of getting a loan, however, when you have higher credit scores, you may find that you can qualify for loans more efficiently.

In other words, while it might be tempting to put a day out with friends on your credit card so that you can have a little fun, remember that you might be further jeopardizing your financial situation by doing so.

Credit Checks

If you are unemployed and in need of a title loan, it’s quite possible that your credit situation is already in a poor state.

You may have had no options in the last few months but to put expenses on your credit cards. Instead of allowing this factor to hurt your chances of getting a loan, apply for a title loan opportunity that does not require you to have great credit.

Without this negative financial situation playing a big role in the application process, you can heighten your chances of getting a loan.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Regardless of your employment situation, do your best to keep your car in good condition. A car in good condition could lead you to a better title loan in Wisconsin. If the vehicle is in need of maintenance, explain your situation to a sympathetic relative or friend who will be willing to lend you the cash to take care of the problems.


When you need a title loan with no job in Wisconsin, you can also work to maintain the exterior of your vehicle and to keep it clean.

Compile Your Car’s Paperwork

As you are moving through the process to procure a title loan with no job, you will likely need to provide documentation about your vehicle. You will certainly need to provide the title to the lender. Just imagine the added stress that you will experience in the event that you don’t know where the paperwork is.

Even if you aren’t 100 percent sure yet that you’re going to take out a title loan, start to put the documents together just in case.

Keep Your Car

In order to secure the title loan, you are going to have to give up the title to your car.

Since you are getting a title loan while unemployed, you want to make sure that you can keep your car and drive it. You might wonder what the benefit of having the car is when you have nowhere to drive to.

Keep in mind that you will likely want to go on interviews so that you can fix your employment situation. Obtaining a job can help you to pay off the loan more quickly.

When you are unemployed in Wisconsin and are in need of a title loan, you might feel that no options are available. Fortunately, you can look into plans that are designed especially for individuals who need a title loan while unemployed.

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