Car Title Loans in Milwaukee, WI

You’ve been caught off-guard by an emergency. Your first thought, naturally, is ask friends or family for a loan, if they have that kind of money laying around. If that’s not a possibility, then you immediately think loan.

No doubt, that’s the only choice left available. And you think it’s a good choice.

However, bank loans do not always look so kindly upon certain classes of people; and as of late have increased the requirements to get a loan by two-fold.

So you are stuck in a pretty heavy situation without an exit or a clue of how to escape.

And as the days pass, you grow stressed and tired. You’re not sure where else to look and you’ve exhausted every avenue.

Title Loans Saving Lives

But you haven’t really because you’ve left out one major option –the title loan.

Title loans online in Wisconsin exist for you –the person who has found him/herself in a serious money matter without the help of anyone else.

Title loan lenders are familiar with this situation and have chosen their line of work to help people get the money they need and deserve.

What you Need

The main requirement of the title loan is the car title itself. For those who are not owners, but are paying off a car –payment slips that prove the car is nearly paid-off will be acceptable. To secure a car title, contact the DMV for any doubts and questions.

Each title loan amount will be a little different –they vary because cars vary.

online title loan cashDealing with an older car that is not in prime condition will result in a loan less substantial than a loan that comes from a newer car in good or great condition.

Applicant must be realistic about the title loan amount and be aware that the standard practice of loan amounts are equal to or less than 75% of the car’s equity.

Payment Plan Planning

Payment plans vary, too. There are several available because title loans know that each applicant has a special situation and employment status.

Consulting with the lender will allow each applicant to make the best choice for his/her situation. Lifestyle and employment salaries should be part of the discussion between applicant and lender.


Title loan lenders should make the applicant feel at ease –there should be no sense of pressure or any other negative emotion when the applicant talks with the title loan lender.

Lenders are to provide support and customer service to each and every applicant; high quality professionals –lenders are here to help applicants escape a financial blunder.

Applicants should not be afraid to ask questions when in doubt. That’s why the lenders exist –to assist applicants with their understanding and execution of the title loan. Even fine print should be addressed as it makes the applicant feel more secure with his/her title loan.

Remember, as with any loan the responsibility is 100% in the hands of the borrower. This means that payment plans schedule must be respected.

If the applicant feels he/she is falling behind on payments, the lender should be contacted immediately.

In some cases, an alternate payment plan can be selected in order to give the borrower more financial freedom.


Of course, the applicant should have questions and prior to entering a title loan office, it would be nice to have a basic understanding of what Wisconsin title loan laws are. Review here for some basic questions that might not have been answered by this article.

For those who are interested in the legal aspects of title loans, visit this site here for more details.

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