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Sometimes you run into expenses that you just didn’t plan on and suddenly find out you have to pay. Maybe you’ve been ordered to pay child support or need to take care of tax obligations.

Maybe you need to help loved ones with certain medical or living expenses or you just need a little cash on hand to pay for home or car repairs.

Sometimes illness or injuries come up, or a natural disaster that happens at a time when you don’t have the savings on hand to pay these expenses.

But there still is a way to meet these expenses through vehicle title loans in Oneida, WI.

Vehicle Title Loans In Oneida, WI Are For Vehicle Owners

You may or may not be familiar with vehicle title loans in Oneida, and even if you aren’t you aren’t the only one. Some people may not be familiar with them because Wisconsin is is only one of less than 25 states that allow title loans.

These loans involve certain risks, but they have far less bureaucracy involved and can be easier to work with than bank loans.

cash title loanThere are basically minimal federal laws about car title loans, though the following two stipulations are present in nearly every state:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a title loan
  2. You must own a vehicle with a clear title

Usually you’ll need income of some sort so that your title loan agent knows you can repay the loan, but even if you are currently without a job you can still get one.

Unemployment title loans would be situations where a disability check, unemployment compensation or other income you’ve generated can be used to repay the loan and ensures you have a safety net while looking for work.

Other Stipulations Regarding the Amount You Borrow In Vehicle Title Loans in Oneida, WI

Wisconsin has a very high maximum for what you can borrow with car title loans at $25,000. Usually you do not get that much because most lenders loan less than half of the value of the vehicle.

The newer and fresher condition your vehicle is in, the more likely you are to get somewhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in an auto title loan in Green Bay, while older vehicles are only likely to allow you about $200 to $500.

Since vehicle title loans in Oneida are given after you’ve offered your vehicle as collateral and don’t have all the major corporate red tape to cut through, you may be able to qualify for a loan with bad credit.

Your credit score and credit history doesn’t have to be perfect in order to apply for a title loan.

Getting Approved For Wisconsin Title Loans

There are basically three things you need with you when you come visit one of our vehicle title loans in Oneida stores.

Our online application should be filled out first so you can schedule an appointment to the store and make sure it goes quickly, but the following three things are also required:

  • A photo ID of you that also lists your age and confirms you live in Wisconsin. It doesn’t have to be your driver’s license, but it must be government-issued.
  • Your vehicle for inspection
  • Your vehicle certificate of title

You’ll present the documents and look over papers you must sign stating your title loan terms. After you’ve made sure you understand the loan terms and the inspection is finished, you will find out if you’re approved for your title loan in seconds.

Generally you’ll have 30 days to repay the Oneida Wisconsin auto title loan, but make sure you know your deadlines in the agreement form.

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