Car Title Loans in Wauwatosa, WI

Learning all about the different loan options that are available to you can help you through financial adversity. While you might be struggling, you should know that you have options.

Don’t make the typically incorrect assumption that you can’t be approved for any type of loan whatsoever simply on the basis of the fact that your credit score is not what it might be.

That’s just not the case. You may be able to be approved for title loans in Wauwatosa just because you own a vehicle and have a title for that vehicle.

To get started, learn what you can and then decide what you’re going to do. You don’t have to commit to any loan until you know exactly what you’re getting into. The following is some key information to know:

Special considerations with the title loans in Wauwatosa, WI process

While in a lot of ways the process with title loans Milwaukee is just like the process with any type of loan, in some ways it is distinct. As with just about any other process, it will start with filling out some basic details in an application.

That’s easy enough to do. All you have to do is list info about your identification and then just provide data about your vehicle.

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Your vehicle data is an important part of your application. That’s because your vehicle is going to be the collateral that secures your loan.

You need to let the lender know how old your vehicle is. You also need to let the lender know how many miles are on the odometer of the vehicle in question.

Then, you’ll definitely have to show the make and model of that vehicle you’re using for collateral.

The laws in your state and how they relate to title loans in Wauwatosa, WI

One of the first things to know about title loans regardless of what state you’re a resident of is that states dictate title loan terms independently. Title loans in Wisconsin have to meet some basic state requirements.

These loans are limited in terms of their amount. They can’t be offered in the state for any more than $25,000. Or, they cannot be offered for an amount of more than one half of the total value of the vehicle in question that is collateral.

There is no cap on the interest rate. Also, there is a limit of six months on the loan term.

How you can benefit from these special loans in particular

It’s important to realize that title loans in Wauwatosa offer certain advantages you won’t be able to enjoy elsewhere.

The following are some special things to know about how these loans are unique and how you can uniquely benefit:

  • Loans are secured- Title loans in Wauwatosa, WI involve collateral. The vehicle is collateral and secures the loan that’s being borrowed.
  • Loans don’t require that your vehicle loan is paid off- Even those who apply and have liens on their loan can in many cases be approved. As long as the vehicle owner has enough equity in the vehicle, approval is a possibility.
  • Loans are not payday loans- If you think that a title loan involves your paycheck, you should know that this is really not the case. While both may be loosely considered “alternative loan products”, title loans are very distinct from payday loans and don’t have to do with the paycheck or job of the borrower.
  • They may be available to unemployed people- A title loan while unemployed may be a possibility.

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